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GEI-Digital presented at the Convention of German Historians in Berlin

The Georg Eckert Institute’s stand at the 48th Convention of German Historians (Deutschen Historikertag) in Berlin from 28 September to 1 October 2010 will feature the GEI-Digital project in an effort to introduce it to a wider public.

The aim of the GEI-Digital project is to formally catalogue and digitally capture all textbooks held in German libraries for selected subjects (history, geography, literacy, civic studies) that were published from the seventeenth century to the end of National Socialism and to make them available for full-text searches.

School textbooks play an especially significant role in the creation of nation states as instruments of state memory politics and their consequent legitimisation. Bearing this in mind the first phase of the project will attempt to digitise school history textbooks from the German imperial era (1871-1918). To date 205 history textbooks from this period have been made available online.

The Georg Eckert stand at the Convention of German Historians will provide detailed information on the current status of the project.

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