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Digitisation of the collections from the Research Library for the History of Education completed

The Research Library for the History of Education (BBF) at the German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF) provided 150 textbooks to be digitised as part of the project to digitise history textbooks from the German imperial period.

The BBF is a research library specialising in historic education research and is the largest specialist pedagogical library in Germany.

Access to the BBF collection enabled the project team to add some very significant works from the 1871-1918 period to the digital collection, bringing the digital textbook library one step closer to being the exhaustive collection sought by many researchers.

The digitised images from the textbook collections will also be incorporated into Picura Paedagogica Online (PPO), the free, digital visual archive of education history. The PPO currently contains more than 10,000 historical illustrations used for educational purposes between the Middle Ages and 1933. This ensures the long-term availability of the digital textbook collection in multiple virtual environments.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Research Library for the History of Education for making this collaboration so successful.

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