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Milestone reached – one million pages digitised!

GEI-Digital is a long-term project and since its launch in summer 2009 one million pages of text and 4,300 historic textbooks have been digitised. The project therefore far exceeded its goal, which was originally set for mid-2015.

The digital textbook library of the Georg Eckert Institute is continuously growing and is offering a great many academics a broad foundation for their research in the field of digital humanities. The contents of GEI-Digital are also available to members of the public. It is therefore very satisfying to observe user numbers increasing with the expansion of the digital collection.

The project, which is supported by the German Research Foundation, digitises educational texts from the seventeenth century up to the twentieth century and makes them available to researchers as a collection of primary sources. The material available through GEI-Digital allows people around the world an overview of historic textbooks and gives them an impression of regions, places and states that generally no longer exists in the public consciousness. At the beginning of the twentieth century children were learning in their geography lessons that Mount Kilimanjaro (also known as Kaiser-Wilhelm-Spitze) was, at 5,895m, the highest mountain in the German Empire. Accordingly colour images of the mountain frequently featured in German textbooks [Link: urn:nbn:de:0220-gd-5940879]. This project enables us to compare the frame of reference for school children from a century ago with that of today.

GEI-Digital is a cooperation project. In addition to the GEI the participants are the Research Library for the History of Education at the German Institute for International Educational Research (BBF/DIPF) and the Gauß IT centre at the Technical University Braunschweig.

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